Huwelijksfotograaf David Torres
David Torres I Visual artist - photographer and designer

Artist without an "Art"! 

I don't consider myself to be an artist, no architect not even a designer or a photographer. Nor I’m I a philosopher, a writer or even a musician for that matter.
As matter a fact when I come to think about it, I'm a little bit of everything and whole lot about nothing! So you could say I'm an artist without an art"!
Maybe I'm just a scavenger with a split personality disorder working on the edge of madness?  A multidisciplinary artist breaking the boundaries of his canvas, using the shallow depth of field from the photographer, the perspective of the architect, the vision of a designer and the words of the poet. Or maybe I'm just a 21 century storyteller with tale to tell.
A knight in rusty armor fighting the windmills of shallowness on a quest in finding his higher purpose! Anyway, the reallity I life in is just a friction of my imagination and I'm having a hard time keeping them apart. So the next time you see me, you pince me in the arm! By the way you can thank "GOD" I'm not a singer, you really, really, "REALLY" ... don't wanna hear me sing!

Biography: Cheap woman and liquor!
Now I could say that I was born a genius, playing the piano at the age of 4 and orchesting my first opera at 5. Or that I was missing a right ear and spending all my money on cheap women and liquor at the local nightlife in Paris. Unfortunately for you, I'm afraid that my story's a whole lot less exciting than that! Anyway, here's where my story begins. ... I was born on 21th of janurary 1970, in a small village (Mortsel) near Antwerp, were I was reased by my mother and 3 sisters. My mother (Phil Mertens °1928/1989) at that time, was the head of The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. She was a loving and caring mother and a passionate writer. She also was a strong supporter and believer of The Modern Arts movement and became a beacon of light for young artist and emerging talent. That explains why our house was always filled with pipe smoking artists, whisky drinking visonaries, dead poets societies and troubeled writers with never ending stories. Never a dull moment! It's safe to assume that the person I am today and the artist who I'm becoming, were partaly conceived there and then in that same living room, bewteen the pipesmoking artist and dead poet. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to get the picture, do ya?


There's an artist in all of us!
You know what they say, "There's an artist in all of us", and I started to look for him in 1982 at the highschool for fine Arts (Pius-X institute in Antwerp), where I studied the secrets of the fine arts of painting and drawing. That same year I also followed drama classes, movie & photography. I guess I inherited my passion for photography somewhere around that time. In 1988 I reased the stakes even further, developing my spatial reasoning at the Academy for Architecture "Henry v/d Velde" in Antwerp, were I studied Interior & furniture design. In 1992 I finally graduated Cum Laude as a professional Interior designer. After a brief intermezzo at the Belgian army (1992-1993) I continued my professional path as an interior designer for a short while, working for a well known architect (Michel Grandsard) in the district of Antwerp.

where I developed my final skills as a grafic designer sales and marketing manager



Young at heart old at Soul!
Anyway, I know I'm not a brightest light in the room and I'm certainly not a geniuous. I always had to work very hard in getting my grades.
You know they say;  There's an artist in all of us!

"knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom", this makes me the king
I've got a reaally hard time finding order in my chaotic mind. hate being alone ADD, dislectia humor, friends

ontwerpbureaus en standenbouwfirma's ben ik uiteindelijk als sales & marketing manager terecht gekomen in de multimedia firma AIM Productions te Kontich.
Het is bij AIM Productions dat ik mijn laatste multimedia skills als webdesigner, grafisch ontwerper & sales & marketing manager, heb kunnen ontdekken. Danzij de zaakvoerder van AIM en ondertussen zeer goede vriend Stefan Calle, heb ik in april 2006 dan eindelijk Artbreak Productions opgericht. Eerst in bijberoep & ondertussen als fulltime zelfstandige.


Artbreak Productions (ondertussen gewoon onder mijn eigen naam - David Torres gekomen), is een bescheiden productiehuisje waarbinnen ik mijn creativiteit als fotograaf & kunstenaar de vrije loop laat, gebruikmakend van alle artistieke skills en multimedia-technieken die ik doorheen de jaren heen heb mogen verzamelen.